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So you wanna be an Android Developer?

I have talked to quite a few people lately about my plans. While many express a certain kind of doubt about the steps I am currently taking (most often quoting that dilbert comic), many others are curious about android and … Continue reading

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Work is not supposed to be fun

Healthy food doesn’t have to taste good and exercising is not a piece of cake. Work is supposed to be work – meaning hard work! – and when has hard work ever been a synonym for fun? If you could … Continue reading

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No icon, no app!

Every app needs an icon, a logo, something that people can recognize it by. Many apps have really nice ones and many don’t. Most importantly the icon should be unique. My first idea was to do something cheap like create … Continue reading

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Teaser: My first app

The app is not completely finished. I expect to finish a beta towards the end of the month. My backlog still has a couple of Prio A and B items I just cannot publish without. Still you can see I’ve … Continue reading

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Android: How to write your own custom composite component

I’ve only been writing code for android for a short time and already my ui requirements got to such proportions, that my layout xml files seemed to explode. I hate copy-pasting the same stuff all over the place and so … Continue reading

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5 + 1 tips for shorter procrastination

Sometimes I just cannot resist and I simply must steer off the course of work and start wasting time by reading blogs, playing games, checking eMail or twitter or even starting to do chores. If it is the last you … Continue reading

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Android: Extending CursorAdapter for custom ListView

Since I am just getting started with Android, I keep running into beginner’s troubles and misunderstandings. There is the really good documentation. But even so, some mistakes happen along the way. One of these problems occurred when after finishing the … Continue reading

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Android: use adb to check on your sqlite database

A nice little hack, I found the other day, shows how to log into the running android emulator and test a few selects on the database my app created. Where you installed your android sdk there is a directory called … Continue reading

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Procrastination: Bane of the geek

As you may now I quit my job to the end of 2010 and I am now trying to “get things done” at home. That is easier said than done, as you may well know. I’ve just spent a couple … Continue reading

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