Open Source Android: DroidWeight

A few minutes ago I made my first commit on the new svn repository for DroidWeight on google code:

I had a couple of requests to open source it. Since I never planned on making money from the app anyway – after all it is my learning app – I thought I could just as well share. Maybe I’ll find a couple of contributors.

So if you would like access to the repository and the google group just drop me a note via mail or the contact form and I’ll see to it.

Right now the documentation is practically non-existent, so you should be brave enough to find your own way through the code.

I’ll still be publishing releases as before only now everyone can see the code and take it to make their own stuff with it, laugh about dumb beginner’s errors I made or contribute patches.

This is the first time I am open sourcing a project of mine and I am curious how it will turn out 🙂

PS: the app is close to 10.000 downloads on the market!

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