MeMy name is Sonja Pieper. I have studied computer science at university and I’ve been working as a software developer since 2003.

“Work Reloaded” for me stands for the idea that started to take form in my head a few months before I quit my job. I introduced Scrum at my workplace then and things changed a lot – it nearly kept me from quitting, too. I also wanted to change what work meant for me. Instead of a daily drudge I want work to be meaningful and align itself with my goals beyond the current job. Also work is not just what I do but also how I do it and most important and much over-looked: the environment where I work. Scrum is an example how I was able to change my work environment. Working from home is another.

My dream is to create a lifestyle that incorporates my work and allows for more freedom and flexibility. Currently I am working from home and finding out how this is different from working at an office.

Since the beginning of 2011 I’ve started getting into Android development and web development with Apache Wicket. I’ve started this blog and worked as a freelancer. I created a few apps and I am still working on creating my own muse.


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