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Mavenizing Android: Adventures with Eclipse and Jenkins

I have written on Maven and Android about over a year ago. Since then a lot of things have happened: the Maven plugin for Android has advanced considerably, there are new Android versions, improved Android tools, an Android m2e connector … Continue reading

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Why Test Coverage?

If you haven’t tried to do something yourself, you will never be able to appreciate its advantages or disadvantages because there’s only so much you can learn from theory. So do whatever you talked about doing all the time … … Continue reading

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Spring & Restlet Integration: A complete example

This morning I started writing a Restlet Application that will, when it is completed, supply a restful api for my web application. The web application is already mostly done (not yet public, however there is a landing page and a … Continue reading

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Java Memory Optimization & Server Resources

I’ve learned a bit about Java and also about Linux this past week-end. I finally found out, what it was that kept me from going forward with the deployment of my web application. I kept getting OOM errors when starting … Continue reading

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Automate your Android builds comfortably

Or: How to set up your Android app’s Multi Module Maven build as Eclipse project. This week I spend a few hours searching for a solution for automated Android builds with Maven. I want to launch my first paid app … Continue reading

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A fairy tale of the Wicket and the Maven

A short excursion on how to start a wicket project which leads to a more indepth tutorial that shows how to integrate Maven profiles into any project. There are also specific instructions what changes to make to a wicket project to make the best use of profiles. Continue reading

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How to use the Android Camera

I have now spent quite a few hours programming for my next app which needs to take pictures. I did not want to use the camera app that’s already there for several reasons. So I need to programm my own. … Continue reading

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Open Source Android: DroidWeight

A few minutes ago I made my first commit on the new svn repository for DroidWeight on google code: I had a couple of requests to open source it. Since I never planned on making money from the app … Continue reading

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Call for links

I am looking for pages, forums, communities and blogs on all things scrum or agile. I will also happily take a look at general software development processes and methodology sources. I’d be grateful for some good places to start reading. … Continue reading

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3 Approaches to Change

In Can you change your team? I asked you to think about what you want to change the most about your work. What you want to change dictates which approaches to change is most likely to succeed. The best approach … Continue reading

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