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Can you change your team?

Yes you can! The words may have gotten a bit old by now. I still say: you won’t know until you have tried and succeeded. Are you working in one of those teams, that I described in my last article? … Continue reading

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Why every team needs a development process

Imagine a typical software development team. There are 2 types of such teams: those that are based around a single project or those around a single system. People tend to want to differentiate between those types only to find out … Continue reading

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The Android Dropdown: Spinner

I am currently working on the next release of RpgTracker and I thought I might do another tutorial since I haven’t written one in quite a while. In Android the dropdown selection widget is called Spinner. Dropdowns are used to … Continue reading

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Becoming an entrepreneur in Germany I want to work for myself which is not quite as simple as “getting started”. Most likely you also know that I live in Germany that this is a little more complicated. I am getting … Continue reading

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11 apps I actually use

I have had my smartphone for about 3 months now. In that time I downloaded a lot of apps and deleted most of them again. Some I even downloaded twice and some of those I deleted a second time. Also … Continue reading

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App Timeline: Effort and Reward

It’s been a little over a month that I published my first app DroidWeight on the android market. It’s time to look back and see how it worked out for me. Timeline 3 weeks to first beta (of that I … Continue reading

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Communication Anywhere

It is quite fitting that I am continuing my series on the cloud while working on a laptop not my own. Today I managed to lock myself out of the apartment: no key and not even a cellphone. Luckily the … Continue reading

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The cloud and us

Within the last week both my husband’s and my sisters’s computers had hard drive failures. My husband is running a raid system and my sisters’s data is in the process of being recovered. Neither of them is suffering data loss … Continue reading

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Experience of an Android App Launch

This is my long overdue post on the launch of Droid Weight last Thursday. I had been looking forward to publishing my first app very much because I was incredibly curious what would happen. Before continuing with that story however, … Continue reading

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So you wanna be an Android Developer?

I have talked to quite a few people lately about my plans. While many express a certain kind of doubt about the steps I am currently taking (most often quoting that dilbert comic), many others are curious about android and … Continue reading

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