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Mavenizing Android: Adventures with Eclipse and Jenkins

I have written on Maven and Android about over a year ago. Since then a lot of things have happened: the Maven plugin for Android has advanced considerably, there are new Android versions, improved Android tools, an Android m2e connector … Continue reading

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Call for links

I am looking for pages, forums, communities and blogs on all things scrum or agile. I will also happily take a look at general software development processes and methodology sources. I’d be grateful for some good places to start reading. … Continue reading

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3 Approaches to Change

In Can you change your team? I asked you to think about what you want to change the most about your work. What you want to change dictates which approaches to change is most likely to succeed. The best approach … Continue reading

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Can you change your team?

Yes you can! The words may have gotten a bit old by now. I still say: you won’t know until you have tried and succeeded. Are you working in one of those teams, that I described in my last article? … Continue reading

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Why every team needs a development process

Imagine a typical software development team. There are 2 types of such teams: those that are based around a single project or those around a single system. People tend to want to differentiate between those types only to find out … Continue reading

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