Version 1.5.3 (11.01.2013)

  • Fixed broken import feature (always remember to check if your backup is ok before you do anything, yes I lost my own data while testing)
  • Fixed back button black screen issue

Version 1.5.3 (10.01.2013)

  • Added error report feature
  • Fixed resource leak on main activity
  • Fixed crash on preference edit for wrong float format

Version 1.5.2 (08.01.2013)

  • Bugfix for list of measures, which wasn’t always refreshing properly

Version 1.5.1 (08.01.2013)

  • Bugfix for crash on create new measure via menu
  • keyboard now opens automatically when editing or creating new measures

Version 1.5 (07.01.2013)

  • added comment function: comments can be enabled in the preferences, comments can be copied from previous entries via the context menu
  • fixed: disappeared menu button on 3.x phones without hardware buttons (enabled legacy mode)

Version 1.4.2 (28.12.2012)

  • added: french localization, this is a community contribution from googlecode! Thanks!
  • fixed: disappeared menu button on 4.x phones without hardware buttons (enabled legacy mode)

Version 1.4.1 (21.12.2012)

  • fixed: crash on displaying statistics page

Version 1.4 (17.12.2012)

  • added arrow indicators: the measurement list now shows up and down arrows to indicate if you lost or gained on that measurement. This feature is a community contribution from googlecode! Thanks!
  • longer history: there are now “1 year” and “all” buttons
  • custom dates: you can now edit the date and time on every measure either at creation time or later
  • added Waist To Height Ratio (WtHR) statistic
  • made some minor changes to the graph layout

Version 1.3.1 (24.5.2011)

  • Sorry for Version 1.3, it is a huge mess.
  • fixed: refreshing enabled flags after prefs changed
  • fixed: colors in graph no longer retrieved from resources
  • fixed: display change dialog fixed

Version 1.3 (21.5.2011)

  • Added toggle Button to allow comparing graphs for different tracked values
  • Daily Reminder improved
  • Daily Reminder can be configured to a different reminder interval in days
  • Fixed FastEdit feature when one of the tracked values has no entries

Version 1.2.1 (7.4.2011)

  • Fixed Nullpointer on Import without Id
  • Fixed Nullpointer on Populate Fast Input
  • Fixed typos
  • Changed steps for Bodyfat
  • Changed display choice to dismiss dialog automatically
  • Known issues: notification not working correctly (multiple issues)

Version 1.2 (30.3.2011)

  • new: import & export of tracked data
  • new: delete all entries from the database
  • new: fast input preference to create multiple entries at once (one for each tracked value)
  • new: added edit dialog to displayed value (click on it)

Version 1.1.2 (23.3.2011)

Droid Weight Promo Graphic

  • updated: ambiguous preference description in English. Changed from “Weight Goal” to “Target Weight”
  • fixed: wrong display of target weight data when using imperial units
  • fixed: wrong calculation of BMI when using imperial units

Version 1.1.1 (12.3.2011)

  • fixed: missing title of bmi calculator in default locale
  • fixed: crash when changing tracked measure (due to closed database in background)
  • fixed: graph calculation for non weight fields depending on weight goal

Version 1.1 (11.3.2011)

  • new: configurable notification as daily reminder
  • new: tracks body fat & waist length
  • updated: graph display for smaller screens
  • updated: introduced layout for landscape orientation
  • updated: user preferences screen
  • updated: feedback for user input (aka error handling)

Version 1.0 (24.2.2011)

  • tracks your weight & BMI
  • graphs your weight history for up to 6 months
  • allows to set a weight goal
  • calculates statistics from your entries
  • units either in kg or pd

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