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Version 3.0 of the tracker has just been published on the market.

Are you looking for documentation? Or the changelog? Or the new home of the rpgtracker

What is it? I needed a hit point tracker for our pen & paper night. While there are a few die rolling apps for rpg players out there so far I have not found one that keeps my hit points remembered from week to week. So every week I scramble to find the little note I was using to scribble on the last time or I wonder which of the versions on my ruined character sheet is current. I am hoping to save some paper and maybe produce a tool that other gamers might find helpful.

I get most of my inspiration from the game we play regularly (DSA, Das Schwarze Auge also known as “The Black Eye” the game on which the Drakensang computer games are based). However I am trying to make this as general as possible.


Download it at the Android App MarketRpgTracker QR Code

  • tracking of values for multiple characters
  • tracking of an arbitrary number of values for each character
  • custom definition of regeneration formula for each value
  • different types of values to track
  • linking values and making recursive changes
  • currency display, die rolls, skill checks
  • character templates

Regeneration Formula Howto

Please see RpgTracker documentation page.

Just released: 2.0

  • basic sorting via context menu, you should now be able to achieve the order of values you want, just hold your finger on a value for a while until the context menu appears
  • positive values: values that cannot become negative, note: maximum values can be overridden, this cannot, can be used for negative regeneration for example tracking of wounds.
  • context menu option to regenerate all standard values at once
  • new value type: ‘no maximum value’, you could use this for tracking experience points for example
  • new value type: a basic currency display, using a single value and a ‘currency factor’, 10 is default for the factor
  • new value type: ‘Just roll’, for skill checks or die rolls, can store modifiers for example from links
  • bugfix: regeneration formula: negative values are now recognized correctly (oops)
  • new feature: templates, copying values from another character when creating a new character
  • new feature: linking values, change one value and another changes by the modificator you entered! Modifiers are propagated up to a maximum depth of 5. Cycles cannot be created 😉

In Development

I also have a bunch of more advanced features lined up. If you like one of the planned features or have ideas for other improvements, please leave me a comment below! The next release is planned for April 2013.

  • improving formulas with modifiers for checks W20(15+x) for example
  • improving links with lists conditions for example with flat values or percent values (should enable tracking of modifiers for saves for D&D (requested feature) or AT-modifiers from half hitpoints (DSA)
  • favorite skill checks: needs improved formulas
  • improved editing of values with an “on screen keyboard with a bunch of +/- 5/10/20/100 buttons
  • added configuration of sizes of the +/- buttons
  • optional online connectivity to the new rpg web application I am releasing

I am also planning on releasing a paid version of this app, hoping that some of you find it useful enough to spend a couple of dollars on this little tool. I also plan on adding a couple of nice features to that version, mostly to help out GMs and DMs:

  • communication via bluetooth with the game master
  • quick overview of all characters

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