3.0 (13.08.2013)

  • Introducing the web application
  • When connected to the service you’ll see the sync button in the upper right corner
  • The logo in the upper left hides the new About activity, that not only tells you the current version it also gives access to settings, website and the changelog
  • Syncing to the web application
  • Sorting values via drag and drop – access via context menu
  • Added long click on plus/minus buttons produces special on screen ‘keyboard’
  • Added configuration options for button size
  • Added ‘Rest forever’ function – access via context menu
  • Removed legacy menus: included functions elsewhere

2.0  (16.09.2011)

  • basic sorting via context menu
  • positive values: values that cannot become negative
  • context menu option to regenerate all standard values at once
  • new value type: ‘no maximum value’
  • new value type: a basic currency display
  • new value type: ‘Just roll’, for skill checks or die rolls
  • bugfix: regeneration formula: negative values are now recognized correctly
  • new feature: character templates
  • new feature: linking values

1.0 (March 2011)

  • tracking of values for multiple characters
  • tracking of an arbitrary number of values for each character
  • custom definition of regeneration formula for each value

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